Peddle Thorp

Project Architects Peddle Thorp

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Peddle Thorp bring their considerable experience and leadership in design and delivery of apartment projects to ST MARKS. Building on the concept plans Peddle Thorp will develop the design through to completion. Utilising their unique skills and talents, Peddle Thorp add considerable value to the project through their innovative and contemporary design solutions.

Established in 1968, Peddle Thorp are consistently regarded as the market leader when it comes to design delivery. They have been involved in some of New Zealand’s more iconic residential developments such as the Stamford Residences, Auckland, and Kawerau Falls Residences, Queenstown, and are currently involved in the design and delivery of several contemporary apartment projects. Peddle Thorp pride themselves on their core strength which is the quality and depth of design and detailing, allowing the most complex and creative ideas to be articulated into a living reality. It is this important trait that will help bring the uniqueness and individuality of ST MARKS to life.

Peddle Thorp’s comprehensive and award-winning body of work spans all major market sectors, giving them an enviable reputation for creating spaces with distinct style and a remarkable clarity of vision that can be enjoyed by both current and future generations of New Zealanders.

Patterson Associates

Builders Dominion Constructors

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Dominion Constructors is a long- established family-owned construction company, and is one of the construction industry’s largest employers. Projects include multi-storey towers, education facilities, hotels and apartments. Some of Dominion’s better known commissions include the Vero building, the PriceWaterhouse building, apartments at 11 The Mount (Mount Manganui), Heron Apartments Parnell, The University of Auckland Business School and St Cuthbert’s Performing Arts Centre.

One of the company’s recognised strengths is the number and calibre of its people, enabling the company to resource projects mainly from within its own ranks.

Patterson Associates

Developer St Marks Development Ltd

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St Marks Development Ltd was formed expressly to develop the properties at 10 and 12 St Marks Road. The company is associated with leading breast surgeon, John Harman, who has practised from his St Marks Road property for more than 28 years.

John’s decision to develop the site was in response to two needs he had identified. The first, to provide a new, state- of-the-art breast clinic for his patients to receive an even higher level of care. This need will be addressed by a dedicated commercial building - The Blade - which also shields ST MARKS from the motorway. The other need was very different; for contemporary, family-oriented apartment living in Remuera.

For many years John lived in a large, traditional villa only a few minutes down the road from ST MARKS, before adopting the apartment lifestyle a decade ago. For him it was a revelation, “to live in a home that appreciates and welcomes light, rather than a villa or bungalow that tries to shut it out.”

His new home was filled with light and warmth, connection and conviviality – far more so than his Omahu Road villa. Single-level living brought his family together as never before, and his children thrived. His kitchen rapidly became the centre of the home. To this day entertaining is easy, friends are comfortable. After 28 years, John has a deep understanding of the St Marks area, its charms, its traditions, and its uniqueness. He will continue to practise on the redeveloped site – sharing this superb re-purposing with residents, week in week out, even when the project is completed.

Patterson Associates

Interior Designer Amelia Holmes

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Interior Designer Amelia Holmes brings a design aesthetic shaped by years of living in New York. This has given her unique insights into what transforms apartments into truly liveable homes.

Her brief is to see luxury take centre stage throughout, even in the most practical workings of the apartments.

Patterson Associates

Landscapers Natural Habitats

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Natural Habitats' approach to the landscaping is to combine hard and soft landscapes in a way that heightens the sense of place – the uniqueness of ST MARKS.

The exterior common areas will deliver the embracing, restful and calming qualities most people look for in their home gardens and courtyards.

The focal point will be the magnificent green wall, a field in which Natural Habitats excel. There will also be a strong emphasis on colour and seasonal change.